James Rhodes: ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’

I was just about to embark on a truly mind-numbing list of activities. To be fair, they need to be done, and in fact would be done a lot faster if I just got off my ass and did them. Filing. Laundry. General tidying up and sorting of papers. Egads. Is this why I draw breath? Is this what I presently make of these precious hours of life? 

No, it’s not. So I’m going to hurry up and get them done and out of the way, dammit, because I have real things to do. Ideas that need to be set on paper in order to become anything. Ideas and imaging that need to be set down if I am to become anyone – to myself at least. 

I’ve mentioned before that the biggest thing about creativity is to exercise it – to practice – and to use it or watch it shrivel and die. For a lot of us, NOT exercising our creativity is a slower death than following it, but we fill our time with other distractions. Why? Because we fear it won’t be good? Because we fear losing ourselves to it? 

It won’t be good enough for yourself. Your obsession with it will seem weird to others, and many people may not get it. Perhaps, at first, it won’t be any good at all. Do it anyway. If only to save yourself from being one more nameless cog in the machine, if only to understand yourself a bit better, if only to become your most real and honest self. 

If you have even the smallest urge to artistry, read this article and let it inspire you to create. 

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Three weeks no alcohol. I was at 3 weeks no sugar or white flour as well, but that got thrown out the door when I had to make cupcakes for a birthday party. (That was all cupcakes all the time.) The no drinking was was for three weeks but now we’re going to a party and I want my usual pre-party fix. It is harder than I thought and gives me a greater appreciation for those who swear it off permanently. 

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13 Ways To Survive A Hangover

Advice anyone can use, but definitely aimed at the ladies.

The Belle Jar

1. Stay in bed. Hunker down under the covers. Read Sheila Heti’s How Should A Person Be? and highlight the passages that you feel specifically apply to your life. Eat too many cookies. Let your cat lick your face clean, but stop her when she tries to groom your eyebrows.

2. Practice your humble-yet-flattered face in the mirror. Smile with genuine warmth, but look down bashfully. Shrug nonchalantly and say thank you, then quickly change the subject. Remind yourself that this is what you should be doing when people compliment you, instead of rolling your eyes and making a self-deprecating joke.

3. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t turn on the news. Don’t read any articles whose headlines contain the words government, statistics or attachment parenting

4. Make a list of potential titles for the memoir that you might someday write, e.g. My Heart Is An Autumn Garage,

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